Who is our beginners’ German course for, anyway?

Thanks to Janet, who wrote to me to point out that our beginners’ German course is actually, in places, much harder than typical material served up for beginners.

She’s right, of course.

But whether you’ll find the material on dontspeakgerman.com suitable for you will depend on a variety of factors.

Perhaps the most important of these is your mother tongue. For an Italian or French speaker learning German, the similarities between your first language and the ‘target’ language (the one you hope to learn) are such that a lot of the material should, in any case, be understandable.

That’s obviously not true for a native English speaker who has never learned a foreign language before. English is unlike German in its grammar and much of its vocabulary.

But an English mother-tongue speaker who has already studied another Latin-origin language like French or Italian should have a similar advantage.

Another factor is your previous language-learning experience.

If you’ve never studied a foreign language before, you will likely find the free material available at dontspeakgerman.com difficult, maybe just too hard.

But if you’ve already mastered any other foreign language (suppose you’re Japanese, and have successfully learned English), then the skills you’ve already picked up, in terms of studying, and the confidence already gained in your own abilities, should help a lot.

Conclusion? Our beginners’ German course won’t be ideal for everyone.

How to know if it’ll work for you?

Visit dontspeakgerman.com and give it a try!